Therapy Services St. Paul MN

Ben Wolf is a highly versed therapist obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota and Master’s Degree in Social Work from Augsburg College. He is licensed at the highest level for his profession in the state of Minnesota (LICSW). Additionally, he has specialized training in EMDR and Family Based Therapy. Through his extensive training he is very qualified to offer a variety of therapy services in St. Paul MN including: adolescent therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy.

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Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent therapy is a unique practice focused around the obstacles and challenges faced in the early stages of life. The period of transition from childhood to adulthood can be a very difficult state of life. We are finding that teens face more and more psychological stress then ever before. These pressures can be very hard to deal with on their own and often need some type of outlet to express and understand what they are going through. It is for this reason that the unique practice of adolescent therapy exists. If you or your child are interested in learning more about adolescent therapy and all that it entails read more today.

Couples Therapy

As anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, a solid relationship takes work. With this idea in mind, no couple should ever be ashamed of seeking out couples therapy help. Couples therapy can be a key component  to sorting through difficult issues and feelings that otherwise may fester and lead to larger avoidable problems. Whatever the damage or current issues may be you owe it to yourself to give your relationship the best chance it can get. In order to learn more about how couples therapy can help you read more today.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a one-on-one form of counseling. Through a confidential caring environment clients are open to explore feelings and challenges they are facing in their life. These realizations will be brought to life in order to establish healthy goals that will ultimately get you to a more positive mental state. Individual therapy can be effective for almost any issue you are going through however some of the more common ones that are seen are depression, anxiety, chronic/terminal illness, grief, abuse, trauma, eating disorders, and emotional disorders. Every person is unique and therefore no individual therapy is a like. If you would like to learn more about individual therapy please follow this link.

If you are interested in learning more about all of Ben Wolf’s therapy services in St. Paul MN please contact him today at: 612-643-1920