Individual Counseling on Family Issues

We Provide Individual Counseling on Family Issues

If your family is having problems, family therapy or counseling can help improve relationships and communication. Counseling will give family members a place to discuss their problems and concerns in a safe and helpful environment, whether it is through individual therapy or done together as a family in a group session. Each family and their problems are different and having a unique treatment plan specific to your family will help give you and your family skills to cope with stress and deepen the connections between family members. At Hope and Healing for Life, we can help you sort through your family issues.

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Why Choose Family Counseling

No matter how much you care about another person or how well you get along, there will come a time when there may be a disagreement. These small disagreements can become huge problems that will pull a once-tight bond apart and make communication and resolutions difficult, and it’s hard for an individual to learn to cope. The most common cause of family problems are issues that are outside of a family members control such as:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Financial concerns
  • Child and parent disagreement


A family therapist or counselor will help identify the main problems that are causing conflict and help either correct the issue, or give each family member a way to cope and steps to overcome problems such as:

  • Teaching family members about the way families function in general, and how your family functions in particular.
  • Help the family focus less on the member who has a mental illness or substance abuse problem and start focusing on the family as a whole.
  • Identify conflicts and anxieties while giving family members strategies that will resolve them safely.
  • Strengthen the bonds between family members so they can communicate better and solve their problems together.
  • Teaches ways to handle conflict and changes that affect the family so that they are less likely to develop into larger and more stressful problems.

Deciding to Get Treatment

Often times lack of communication and misunderstandings are what cause insignificant issues to snowball into larger problems. Therapy and counseling will help smooth over current issues that families are facing and give family members tips on how to resolve conflict before it becomes out of control. If you need more information about family or individual therapy or have questions about how to help your family communicate better, please contact us today!